Zeitschrift für Arznei- & Gewürzpflanzen
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1.  II Intern. Sympos. on the Role of Plant Genetic Resources in Reclaiming Lands & Environment Deteriorated by Human& Natur. Action [Sep. 21, 2020]

21–24. September 2020
Palermo, Italy more 
2.  I International Symposium on Plant Propagation, Nursery Organization and Management for the Production of Certified Fruit Trees [Sep. 28, 2020]

28–30. September 2020
Bari, Italy more 
3.  III International Organic Fruit Symposium and I International Organic Vegetable Symposium [Oct. 05, 2020]

5–8. October 2020
Catania, Italy more 

Zeitschrift für Arznei- und Gewürzpflanzen